Your help is needed!
Ok, so the latest property tax levys extending your homeowner's taxes have taken some of your money towards schools. But, Roosevelt needs your help directly too!


Ensuring Excellence for Over a Decade

For over 20 years, the Roosevelt Foundation has provided direct, tangible support to the faculty, classrooms and programs at Roosevelt High School. The impact is significant and is felt in every department, every year. Relying on public funding alone is simply not an option in our schools today. The Foundation and its Rough Rider beneficiaries are truly grateful for the support of hundreds of alumni, parents and community supporters every year. Together, we ensure excellence at Roosevelt!


Roosevelt Foundation Grants

This year, the Foundation Board approved an additional $120,000 in grants to RHS classrooms and programs. This brings the total distributed to over $1,000,000 since our inception in 2003!


A sampling of where our funds are appropriated

  • Funds for AP Language Arts to produce a podcast
  • Laptops for Science
  • Timpani drum for Orchestra
  • Tournament fees for Debate Club
  • Safety supplies for the Biology Lab
  • 16 new microscopes
  • 4 digital Chemistry scales
  • Physics equipment
  • PNW Ballet choreography residency program
  • Electronic balances for Chemistry
  • ArtReach Project program costs
  • World School Language Arts Program fees
  • Model United Nations conference fees
  • Robotics storage materials
  • 4 mini transblot modules for Biotech
  • Equipment replacement and repair for Physical Education
  • A new oboe for Band
  • Equipment for school newspaper production
  • Counseling program to address the opportunity gap