Your help is needed!
Ok, so the latest property tax levys extending your homeowner's taxes have taken some of your money towards schools. But, Roosevelt needs your help directly too!

Our Team

Board of Directors

Since its Kick-Off Celebration in 2003, the Roosevelt High School Foundation has been raising funds and building an endowment with support from the Roosevelt community. The Foundation has awarded over $1 million in grants to teachers and programs. This success would not be possible without the continued commitment and support from the following volunteers serving on the Board of Directors.

Pam Douglass Baughn '76
Dan Black
Andy Dale '84
Pam Eshelman '75
Stephanie Feldt '86
Mark Grey '88
Tim Hevly '84
Rick Keating '64
Lorelle Shearer
Susheela Teather




President Pam Eshelman '75
Vice President Pam Douglass Baughn '76
Secretary Lorelle Shearer
Treasurer Stephanie Feldt '86


Advisory Board

Artie Buerk '54
Dan Evans '43
Susan Hutchison
John W. Jacobi '58
Susie Dewar Locknane '58
Hugh Millen '81
Colin Nisbet '54
John Nordstrom '54
Susan Matthews Rouleau '70
Robert Story '49
Marka Waechter
Art Wiper '53
Jill Jacobi Wood '82